Case Study

ICT Industry

About Our Client

A national multi-site business whose work force includes a large number of subclass 457 visa holders. These visa holders are long-term employees who operate within various ICT occupations. The business required the transition of these workers through from the temporary 457 visa to permanent Employer Sponsored visas.
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The Problem

Working with the Human Resource and Management teams to tailor a process to individually assess the hundreds of employees on temporary visas, and then managing the process of moving these employees from temporary visas to permanent visas.

Being able to access and maintain accurate monitoring and compliance information for a large number of visa holders across a large number of sites in every state in Australia.

The Solution

TSS has developed a unique individually tailored database system that ensures the accurate recording and reporting of all visa holders within an organisation. This system allows complete transparency for our clients, as we are able to generate reports and workflows of all of their employees on visas, and those going through visa applications. 

TSS also helped the client leverage a unique, smartphone-based, VEVO checking solution checkworkrights. This allowed the client to run bulk checks on all visa-holding employees legal right to work, and utilise custom reporting and alerts to remain compliant with their sponsorship obligations.

In partnership with our client, we introduced processes for the employees and all levels of management to follow through the visa assessment stage. We also introduced specific procedures with the client's head office to streamline the process of managing the transfer to permanent visas.

This ongoing successful solution allowed us to manage the risk associated with each individuals visa circumstances, as well as reducing the amount of time our client had to spend on managing the visa application process.

Our client is able to spend their time on their core business and in doing so, enable us to manage the complexities of the visa applications.


"We have developed a great partnership with TSS and their dedication to servicing the ALH business is evident in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail and approach to bringing us the best personnel and service"

Trevor Smith, National Food Manager ALH Group