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With a footprint spanning more than 60 offices across 15 countries, including Europe, UK, Brazil, Australia, and the Americas, we can now offer assistance and support for migration to Australia as well as directing businesses and individuals to our international counterparts. As Australia’s migration laws are complex and constantly changing, it is vital to keep up with the latest news.

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Changes to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

TSS Team

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021

On 22 June 2021, the Minister for Immigration announced the addition of twenty-two new occupations to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021

On 22 June 2021, the Minister for Immigration announced the addition of twenty-two new occupations to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

Dec 5 2020

COVID-19 Concessions for Employer Sponsored Visas

Michelle O'Sullivan

The government has passed legislation that will provide concessions to COVID-19 affected subclass 457/482 visa holders, known as Coronavirus Concession Workers.

Nov 7 2020

Australia And New Zealand Travel Bubble

Maryke Wylde

The Australia and New Zealand Governments have been in discussion about the possibility of a trans-Tasman bubble.

Oct 14 2020

Federal Budget Analysis 2020-21

Maryke Wylde

The release of the 2020-21 Budget has revealed a number of planned changes to the Department of Home Affairs and the migration program, with significant changes to the General Skilled, Family, and Global Talent categories.

Oct 13 2020

Australian Partner Visas and the 2020-21 Budget

Shannon Dutt

The release of the 2020-21 Budget has offered an increase in places offered in the partner visa category, allowing a total of 72,300 partner visas to be granted in the 20/21 program year.

Oct 9 2020

Confirmation of New Labour Market Testing Requirements

Lauren Mennie

The Australian government has released new legislation on the Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirements for employer-sponsored visas.

Sep 10 2020

Employer-Sponsored Visa Changes September 2020

Michelle O'Sullivan

The Australian Government has announced a number of changes to the employer-sponsored visa program, with the aim to fill urgent skills needs in critical sectors while also ensuring that Australian workers have first access to job vacancies.

Apr 6 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Employer Sponsor FAQ (updated)

Michelle O'Sullivan

We have outlined below some frequently asked questions and current Immigration policy relevant to employer sponsors with staff holding 457 or 482 visas

Mar 22 2020

TSS Immigration Coronavirus Response

Maryke Wylde

TSS Immigration also has clear plans in place to ensure that we can continue to operate during this time.

Aug 15 2019

International Hospitality Recruitment Without The Headache

Andrew Silverman

Imagine for a moment a streamlined process. Where you engage one company to source applicants, screen and process them until they are job ready and visa eligible and a Registered Migration Agent lodges all the relevant paperwork on your behalf.

May 31 2019

Government to Introduce Changes to Skilled Migration Program in November

Thanushki Kankanange

The changes will heavily focus on the distribution of migrants to regional Australia and maximising the economic and social contribution of applicants in the skilled migration cohort.

May 23 2019

New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa Available from the 1st of July

Alessandra Busio

Announced at the start of May, applications for the new subclass 870 Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa will be available from 1 July 2019

Apr 16 2019

Labour Market Testing (LMT) Refresher

Shannon Dutt

Without proper LMT evidence, a TSS visa application can fail, costing businesses essential time and money.

Mar 13 2019

New Occupations Available for Australian 482 Visa and Other Skilled Subclasses

Will Aldous

New occupations available for numerous Australian visa subclasses including 482, 189, 190, 489 & 485

Mar 12 2019

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

Lauren Mennie

The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MTLSSL) includes a set of skilled occupations available for work on the following visas: 407, 489, 485, 457, TSS, 189, 190 and 186.

Mar 12 2019

Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Lauren Mennie

The Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) includes a set of skilled occupations that allow work on the following visa types: 407, 489, 457, TSS, 190 and 186.

Mar 12 2019

The Regional Occupation List (ROL)

Michelle O'Sullivan

Along with the MLTSSL, the ROL it definites the occupations available for sponsorship on a Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa.

Mar 11 2019

Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations 2019

Michael Walker

The following list shows the occupations that currently can be sponsored for a 482, 186 or 187 visas, a consolidation of the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), the Regional Occupation List (ROL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

Dec 9 2018

ATO Puts Employers Under New Scrutiny From Immigration Department

Will Aldous

With the implementation of the new Single Touch Payroll system by the ATO, automatic audits of visa compliance by The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) may present a real problem for Australian businesses

Oct 19 2018

Australian Immigration Update: October 2018

Shannon Dutt

The Department has made a number of announcements in relation to skilled visas in recent weeks including priority processing, transitional 186 visas, labour market testing and others.

Oct 11 2018

Recovery of Visa Application Costs in 2018

Michelle O'Sullivan

With the cost of sponsoring an overseas citizen employee rising, we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries relating to what costs can be paid by a sponsor up front and recovered later, or made subject to a clawback agreement.

Aug 27 2018

The New Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) Levy

Thanushki Kankanange

This levy will contribute to the Skilling Australians Fund operated by the Department of Education and Training, with the aim to grow apprenticeships and trainee programs to support Australian jobs and growth.

Aug 23 2018

New LMT for TSS visas from 12 August 2018: FAQ

Shannon Dutt

As of 12 August, new Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirements for the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 visa are in force.

Aug 6 2018

Australian Immigration Update: August 2018

Shannon Dutt

Skilling Australia Fund, changes to the General Skilled Migration points test and the Global Talent Scheme launch.

Jul 31 2018

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Michelle O'Sullivan

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) conducts independent merits review of a wide range of administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws by the Australian Government and some non-government bodies, including migration decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Jul 27 2018

Labour Market Testing (LMT) Requirements: TSS Visa (Subclass 482)

Thanushki Kankanange

On March 2018, the Department of Home Affairs introduced new requirements relating to mandatory Labour Market Testing (LMT), which now applies to nominations, made by approved Australian Employer Sponsors, against which TSS (subclass 482) applicants must lodge their visa applications.

Jul 2 2018

Visa Application Charges Increase from July 1 2018

Lauren Mennie

On the 22nd of June the Department of Home Affairs announced increases to Visa Application Charges (VACs) to take effect from the 1st of July for the new financial year.

Jun 21 2018

Revision of Labour Market Testing for the 482 Visa

Michelle O'Sullivan

We are pleased to report that the Department of Home Affairs has announced a revision to its rules around the advertising accepted to meet the requirement for LMT for the TSS visa.

Jun 14 2018

Home Affairs Increases Credit Card Charges

Lee Smith

The Department has advised that from the 1st of July 2018 the credit card surcharge for Visa and MasterCard credit cards will increase from 0.98% to 1.32%.

Jun 2 2018

Points Test for General Skilled Migration

Michael Walker

If you apply for General Skilled Migration through a Subclass 189 Skilled Independent, Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated or Subclass 489 Skilled Regional you will need to score at least 65 points on the Points Test.

May 24 2018

Health Insurance and the TSS (482) Visa

Shannon Dutt

Interestingly, in the wake of tighter eligibility requirements and supporting evidence, the Department of Home Affairs have loosened their documentary requirements for Health Insurance evidence in temporary skilled visa applications.

May 10 2018

Senate Passes Skilling Australians Fund: May Immigration News

Michelle O'Sullivan

The SAF will take the place of the previous mandatory training benchmarks, which applied to approved employer sponsors or those employers seeking to become approved as a sponsor, for the purposes of nominating candidates for the TSS visa, or employer nominated permanent residency.

Apr 16 2018

TSS Visa (Subclass 482) - Labour Market Testing Requirements

Michelle O'Sullivan

One requirement for a TSS visa is that the business must have tested the local labour market, in the form of advertising the nominated position, prior to nominating the overseas citizen worker.

Apr 9 2018

Priority Processing – TSS (Subclass 482) Visa Applications

Michael Walker

Under the following scenarios, priority processing for 482 visas will be automatically provided by the Department of Home Affairs to TSS Nomination and Visa applications.

Apr 9 2018

The Complex Reality of the New TSS Visa

Lauren Mennie

Almost a year after the announcement of the 457 visa’s removal, The Department of Home Affairs has clarified many details in regards to the future of Australian skilled migration, including Permanent Residency and the new 482 Visa.

Mar 26 2018

Current Options For Sponsoring Employees In Hospitality Occupations And Impact Of Recent Changes

Will Aldous

Currently, the biggest impact we are experiencing as a result of these changes, is the new LMT requirement of two advertisements and the need to evidence that they have been running for 21+ days.

Mar 26 2018

Eligible Postcodes for Regional Australia

Lauren Mennie

Regional areas affect eligibility for many visa subclasses, and are defined by the Department of Home Affairs.

Mar 5 2018

Factsheet: Employer Sponsorship in 2018

Michelle O'Sullivan

With regular, lengthy policy changes and announcements coming from the Department of Home Affairs many of our clients are looking for simplified information.

Feb 22 2018

Permanent Residency After the TSS Visa

Michael Walker

The key changes being introduced for the ENS and RSMS visa programs in conjunction with the implementation of the TSS Visa are subject to the transitional arrangements and the final drafting of regulations

Feb 22 2018

Subclass 482 (TSS Visa) Policy Updates

Lauren Mennie

New labour market testing, work requirements and visa period streams are just some of the recently announced changes to the TSS visa.

Feb 21 2018

Changes to Sponsorship for the New TSS Visa

Lee Smith

Recent changes announced by the DHA to the processing of sponsoring a new TSS visa holder, many of which are to be used as guidelines, and remain subject to final drafting of regulations.

Feb 20 2018

New Changes to Skilled Occupation Lists

Will Aldous

Updated skilled occupations lists will accompany the other broader changes to the temporary and permanent skilled visa programs.

Jan 19 2018

Skilled 190 Visa pathway for STEM graduates

Micaela Hoglund

Just one of the range of immigration pathways open to those skilled in a STEM profession is the Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa.

Jan 18 2018

Changes to Skilled Occupation Lists

Micaela Hoglund

After extensive changes to the Skilled Occupation Lists for Australian working visas last April, The Department of Home Affairs has released further changes to the lists of eligible skilled occupations.

Jan 12 2018

Understanding the Transition from Subclass 457 to TSS Visa

Will Aldous

The March deadline of The Government’s proposed introduction of the Subclass 482 TSS Visa is rapidly approaching. The Department of Home Affairs, of which The Department of Immigration is now a component, has released further information on the proposed transition.

Dec 11 2017

Changes to Australian Citizenship Legislation

Thanushki Kankanange

The suggested objective of the proposed changes was to ensure that aspiring applicants for citizenship had sufficient time to integrate into the Australian community and develop an understanding of the Australian values.

Nov 30 2017

English Language Tests Explained

Georgina Lyons

Visa applicants who do not hold a passport from the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA or New Zealand, may have to undertake an English language test to obtain an Australian visa.

Nov 27 2017

Recovering Costs of a 457 Visa Application - Employer Obligations

Michelle O'Sullivan

Often when these obligations are not met, it is because the relevant party was not fully aware of the obligation in the first instance, or they misunderstood what they were supposed to do.

Nov 20 2017

Tasmania: A Skilled Migration Alternative Worth Considering

Zara Boarder

Tasmania offers a number of excellent visa pathways for skilled applicants. In this article, the various pathways will be summarised for you to consider.

Nov 13 2017

New Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) Process

Michael Walker

Known as a ‘callover’, the AAT will now invite review applicants to a preliminary session to determine whether a hearing is required.

Nov 9 2017

Impending Changes to Australian Immigration

Will Aldous

Australian businesses employing international citizens stand to be affected by new training levies and changes to skills assessments.

Oct 31 2017

Skills Assessments for Permanent Residency Visas

Michelle O'Sullivan

Permanent Residency Visa applicants who wish to apply prior to the migration changes in March of 2018 are encouraged to begin the process of having their skills assessed now by the relevant body.

Sep 25 2017

Pathways to Australian Permanent Residency From March 2018

Michelle O'Sullivan

These upcoming reforms will affect those who have been in Australia working on 457 visas, as well as those who had intended on applying for permanent residency after two years of employment with their current sponsoring business.

Aug 17 2017

Skilled Immigration Update - August 2017

John Unger

Updates on recent changes to 457 visas, as well as ENS and RSMS visas.

Jul 24 2017

Recent Changes to the 1% Training Benchmark

John Unger

Pending further clarification from the immigration department, a sponsoring company may be bound by the new rules for any training from 1 July 2017

Jul 13 2017

Changes to Accredited Sponsorship Arrangements from 1 July 2017 

Will Aldous

Along with other changes announced on the 1st July 2017, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has announced new criteria that a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) needs to meet to become an ‘Accredited Sponsor’.

Jul 4 2017

The State of Australian Immigration After July 1st

Michael Walker

In this month’s immigration newsletter we cover what you need to know about the key changes that come into effect from July 1.

Jun 15 2017

Survey Report: Australian Hospitality Skills Shortage

John Unger

The survey was conducted on-line with hospitality venue owners and managers nationally.

Jun 8 2017

Australian Visa Charges To Rise On 1 July

John Unger

From 1 July 2017 the cost of lodging a visa application will be indexed in line with the forecast Consumer Price Index.

May 25 2017

Factsheet: Critical Dates for 457, Permanent Residency and English Requirements

Will Aldous

Download our free fact-sheets relating to the upcoming changes to Australian sponsored immigration

May 23 2017

New 457 Visa Occupation Caveats

John Unger

Australia’s temporary visa rules are changing significantly, and the immigration department periodically releases information on changes to the Migration Regulations. 

May 19 2017

Watch: 457 and ENS Sponsorship Changes in Review

Michael Walker

Changes to overseas worker sponsorship have thrown up considerable challenges for organisations managing workers under the existing scheme.

May 12 2017

What is the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa?

John Unger

This will allow Australians to sponsor parents to stay in Australia for up to 5 years at a time.

May 11 2017

Training Benchmarks - Skilling Australians Fund Levy

Lauren Slack

The levy will replace the current training benchmarks for employers sponsoring workers on 457, ENS and RSMS visas from March 2018

May 10 2017

Visa Application Charges (VAC) will increase on 1 July

Michael Walker

A VAC is the government charge when a visa application is lodged.  It is sometimes paid in two instalments.

May 9 2017

Business Traveller’s Tip – Check Your Passport Before Booking Your Flights

John Unger

Where a business traveller arrives at the airport and is turned away by the airlines the matter can quickly become a problem for an HR manager.

May 8 2017

Major Australian Citizenship Changes

Dion Hawkins

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced dramatic changes to Australian citizenship on 20 April.

May 5 2017

457 Visa Changes: Practical Tips

Lauren Slack

Since April’s changes, the 457 visa program continues to operate, but under different rules.

May 1 2017

Changes to Skilled Occupation Lists - April 2017

Michael Walker

After the recent 457 visa changes, we take a look in detail at the new skilled occupation lists.

Apr 19 2017

Key Information: Australian 457 Visa Replacement

John Unger

The 457 visa will continue to operate, albeit in modified form until March 2018

Apr 18 2017

Australian Government Announce Replacement for 457 Temporary Work Visa

John Unger

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced today the 457 visa program will be abolished and replaced by a new visa program with new rules.

Apr 10 2017

Upcoming AHRI Webinar: Surviving 457 Visa Sponsorship

Lee Smith

Join Michael and John as they discuss the requirements of 457 visa sponsors in their upcoming AHRI webinar.

Apr 7 2017

Working Holiday Makers and the 6 Month Rule

Lauren Slack

The Department of Immigration and Board Protection (DIBP) has introduced a change to the Working Holiday Makers policy.

Apr 6 2017

457 Secondary Applicants: The Basics

John Unger

Director of Immigration John Unger outlines the basics of secondary applicants for a 457 visa.

Mar 27 2017

457 Visa Update – Policy Advice Direct from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Michael Walker

Over the last week, we have received written advice from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), relating to several minor changes in DIBP policy.

Mar 21 2017

Glossary of Australian Immigration Acronyms

John Unger

Don’t let Australian Immigration be complicated by a wealth of acronyms.

Feb 28 2017

International Immigration Summary – Japan

Maryke Wylde

There are 27 types of visas for Japan and the requirements as well as the activities you are authorized to carry out, vary for each visa.

Feb 21 2017

Upcoming Webinar with HR Daily: Sponsoring Overseas Talent and Maintaining Compliance

John Unger

Join us on Thursday the 23rd of March from 11 am for a comprehensive immigration webinar in collaboration with HR Daily.

Feb 20 2017

2016-2017 Australian Migration Programme: Key Statistics for the Year in Immigration

Maryke Wylde

The migration programme is designed to meet Australia’s economic and social needs. For the 2016-17 migration programme the planning levels have been set at up to 190,000 places, the same as previous years.

Feb 13 2017

AHRI WEBINAR: The 400 Series Visa - An update on the changes and what they mean to your organisation

John Unger

Join Michael Walker and John Unger from TSS Immigration as they clarify recent changes to the temporary work visas in what is called the 400-series

Jan 23 2017

How to apply for an Entrepreneur visa

Lauren Slack

A new stream of the Business Innovation and Investment visa was launched in September 2016 – the Entrepreneur visa.

Dec 20 2016

Changes affecting 457 visa holders with adult children

Shannon Dutt

If you have HR responsibilities for 457 visa holders it pays to be up to date on the broad legislation changes, effective as of November 19.

Dec 6 2016

Meet the Team: Madalina Phillips

Madalina Philips

Meet Maddie Phillips; one of our many talented migration agents.

Nov 29 2016

International Immigration Summary – Indonesia

Maryke Wylde

Navigating through Indonesian bureaucracy can be a confusing process. There is a lack of consistent implementation and transparency in the visa and work permit process. There are often lengthy processing times and employers are subject to scrutiny in maintaining compliance with Indonesian legal requirements.

Nov 24 2016

Australian Immigration 2016: A Year in Review

John Unger

As the year draws to a close we are highlighting some of the changes to Australian immigration in 2016.

Nov 18 2016

Migration Amendments – In effect from 19 November 2016

Shannon Dutt

A variety of Migration Amendments – In effect from 19 November 2016

Nov 14 2016

Start-up Companies and Overseas Businesses: Applying for Standard Business Sponsorship

Shannon Dutt

We look at start-up companies as part of our series in looking at issues affecting businesses seeking to use 457 visas to recruit skilled workers.

Nov 4 2016

Potential changes to Working Holiday Visa program

John Unger

Potential changes to the Working Holiday Visa program have been flagged by Treasurer Scott Morrison in a recent press conference.

Oct 27 2016

Working Holiday Maker (WHM) Visa: Transitioning to a 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa

John Unger

An increasingly common scenario brought to us by clients is a request to assist with 457 visa sponsorship for a young person on a Working Holiday Maker visa who the company has employed for a few months.

Oct 24 2016

International Immigration Summary – Qatar

Maryke Wylde

Immigration Law in Qatar can be quite vague with discretion applied at all steps of the process.

Oct 20 2016

Bringing Global Skills to Australia: Aquatic Exhibits International

Lauren Mennie

TSS Immigration recently assisted Aquatic Exhibits International a US company based that specialises in life support systems for aquaria, with subclass 400 visas.

Oct 13 2016

October 2016 – 457 visa policy updates

Shannon Dutt

Recently the immigration department has given advance notification of forthcoming changes to immigration law and policy, relating directly to the 457 visa programme.

Oct 11 2016

Temporary Activity Visa Framework Changes

John Unger

The Australian Government will introduce changes to Australia’s temporary activity visa framework commencing 19 November 2016 (subject to approval by the Governor-General).

Sep 29 2016

Sponsorship in Fast Food Possible under RSMS

Dion Hawkins

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal confirmed employment in fast food does not prevent sponsorship of persons for permanent residency under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Sep 20 2016

The Market Rate Requirement for Australian 457 Visa Applications

Madalina Philips

Even a simple Australian 457 visa application can become complicated without a satisfactory Market Rates Test.

Sep 13 2016

Best Practice Immigration Compliance for Australian Business

Will Aldous

Maintaining compliance with Australian visa obligations in 2016 is becoming increasingly difficult without the use of a supporting IT platform.

Sep 8 2016

Genuine Position Criteria in 2016

Shannon Dutt

On 1 July 2016, The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection released additional policy guidelines regarding Genuine Position criteria.

Sep 1 2016

International Immigration Summary – New Zealand

Maryke Wylde

Access Information and Requirements for Living and Working in New Zealand Through TSS Immigration

Aug 25 2016

International Immigration Summary – Ireland

Madalina Philips

Access Information and Requirements for Living and Working in Ireland Through TSS Immigration and our Network of International Partners.

Aug 24 2016

Meet the Team: Will Aldous

Will Aldous

Meet Will Aldous; Melbourne Bred Car Enthusiast and Director of TSS Recruitment.

Aug 23 2016

The Jubilee Sailing Trust and TSS Immigration

John Unger

TSS Immigration was pleased to work with the Jubilee Sailing Trust on how best to manage the details of its visa requirements for the arrival of SV The Tenacious. 

Aug 18 2016

Meet the Team: Cindy Diu

Cindy Diu

Meet Cindy Diu, our talented Administration Manager with more than two decades of industry experience.

Aug 15 2016

International Immigration Summary – Singapore

Maryke Wylde

TSS Immigration provides a global immigration service through a network of partner service providers. Our partners explain that the Singaporean immigration system in detail including three categories of non-immigration visitors.

Aug 5 2016

Avoid Australian Visa Fraud with the Help of Registered Migration Agents

Maryke Wylde

In order to combat visa fraud, The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) has recently reinforced the importance of seeking immigration assistance from Registered Migration Agents.

Jul 8 2016

Genuine Need - Additional Guidelines

Shannon Dutt

The purpose of the Department’s emphasis on genuineness is to ensure that the 457 visa program is being appropriately used to nominate skilled labour; at times where it has been difficult to source local labour.

Jul 4 2016

Post 1 July 2016 Updates

John Unger

Changes announced post 1 July 2016…

Jun 9 2016

Accredited Sponsorship Changes from 1 July 2016

Michael Walker

There have been major changes announced to the process of obtaining Accredited Sponsorship status. The major change being the requirement to have sponsored at least thirty primary 457 visa holders in the 24 months prior to the application for accreditation changing to only having to sponsor ten primary 457 visa applicants.

May 2 2016

Tourism bodies seek single entry tourist visa to Australia and New Zealand

Maryke Wylde

The Australian Tourism and Transport Forum and the Tourism Industry Association NZ have joined forces to lobby the government for a Trans-Tasman visa.

Apr 19 2016

Changes introduced to the 457 visa from 19 April 2016

Michael Walker

The Federal government has introduced changes to the 457 visa from 19 April 2016…

Apr 11 2016

Priority Processing now available for Visitor Visa Applicants from China

Maryke Wylde

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have introduced new provisions that allow priority processing of visitor visa applications for Chinese nationals

Mar 30 2016

457 Visa holders to pay school fees in South Australia in 2017

Will Aldous

457 visa workers earning a household income of more than $77,000 will have to start paying school fees of up to $6,100 from next year.

Mar 18 2016

Entrepreneur Visa November 2016

Maryke Wylde

Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull has announced new visa pathways for innovative entrepreneurs under the new National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Feb 18 2016

A Fast Track to Australian Citizenship Announced for Kiwis

Dion Hawkins

A historic agreement has been reached between the Governments of Australia and New Zealand which will allow Kiwis that have been living and working in Australia for a minimum of 5 years to apply directly for Australian citizenship.

Feb 10 2016

Proposed Short Term Mobility Visa in 2016

Maryke Wylde

After a review of current visa programs a new proposal has been made for a 12-month skilled temporary visa.

Feb 5 2016

Webinar – 2016 Immigration Update with a focus on compliance

Madalina Philips

Join Michael Walker and Maddie Phillips from TSS Immigration as they update you on the immigration landscape for 2016:

Feb 3 2016

New Law Prohibits Receiving Benefit for Sponsorship

Michael Walker

New criminal and civil penalties now apply to visa holders which may be imposed on a person who asks for, receives, offers or provides a benefit, in return for a visa sponsorship or employment.

Jan 19 2016

Second Work and Holiday Visa for Northern Australia

Maryke Wylde

As part of the Government’s commitment in the 2015 White Paper on Developing Northern Australia a second Work and Holiday visa for Northern Australia has been introduced.

Dec 17 2015

Immigration Update for 2015 – The Year in Review

Maryke Wylde

As the year draws to a close we are highlighting some of the changes to Australian Immigration in 2015.

Dec 15 2015

Australian Work Visa Requirement Update: Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Michael Walker

New regulation will permit foreign nationals to work offshore, providing they hold subclass 400, permanent residency or subclass 457 visas.

Nov 24 2015

457 Sponsorship Visa Breaches and Taskforce Cadena

Maryke Wylde

On 20 May 2015, the Federal Court of Australia handed down the largest ever court imposed fine for breaches of the Subclass 457 business sponsorship obligations and other workplace relations breaches to Choong Enterprises; a case that is the first of its kind in Australia. If you are currently an approved business sponsor and/or employ 457 visa holders in your business, you must ensure you’re meeting your sponsorship requirements.

Nov 17 2015

Fast Food and Sponsorship under the 457 visa Programme

Dion Hawkins

Under the sub class 457 visa programme it is not possible to sponsor a Chef, Cook or Café/Restaurant Manager in Fast Food or Takeaway Food Service. If you would like to know if your business is eligible for sponsoring hospitality staff under the 457 visa programme, please call a TSS migration agent on 1300 877 466.

Oct 22 2015

Make Sure You are Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) Compliant

Michael Walker

Australian Employers who are approved as a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS), for the purposes of nominating candidates for 457 visas, are bound by strict liability legal obligations.

Oct 16 2015

You would like to nominate a position for a 457 visa - do you have a Genuine Need?

Michael Walker

If you are a Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) approved Employer Sponsor, you may have experienced the nomination application process, where you seek to nominate a position within your business, which you would like to fill with a candidate that you choose to sponsor for a 457 visa.

Oct 5 2015

Webinar - What happens when your employees change visas? Is your business at risk?

Lauren Slack

What happens when your employees change visas? Is your business at risk?

Do you have questions around your employees transitioning to other visas?

Sep 23 2015

Payment for Visas an Offence under Proposed Changes to Migration Law

Dion Hawkins

The Australian Parliament has introduced a new bill that would make it a criminal offence for a person to receive a benefit, including payment, in return for a sponsorship related event.

Sep 16 2015

Airport delays expected as Immigration / Border Protection strike over pay and conditions

Maryke Wylde

Expect delays at airports around the country this week and next as Immigration and Border Protection staff strike over pay and conditions.

Sep 14 2015

Ensuring you're employing legal workers

Brendan Halliday

It is the responsibility of all Australian employers to employ, refer and contract legal workers.

Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are legal workers and have unlimited permission to work in Australia.

Sep 4 2015

Electronic Visa Record

Lauren Mennie

From the 1st September 2015 the Department of Immigration will no longer be issuing visa labels. This means you will no longer be able to request and pay for a visa label.

Aug 21 2015

ATO to begin data matching with the Department of Immigration to ensure legal compliance

Michael Walker

In a recent announcement the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has stated that it will attain the details of Australian visa holders, their sponsors, and migration agents from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Aug 14 2015

The Interaction between Employment Law and Immigration Law, Policy and Sponsorship Obligations

Lauren Slack

Michael Walker and Lauren Slack update you on the recent changes to employer sponsored migration, as well as the interaction between Employment Law and Immigration Law.

Aug 4 2015

The Premium Investor Visa - A Fast Track Investment Pathway to PR

Dion Hawkins

In an attempt to attract more foreign investment, the Government introduced the Premium Investor Visa (PIV) on 1 July 2015. The PIV offers a pathway to overseas nationals seeking permanent residency in Australia.

Jul 6 2015

General Skilled Migration Update - 2015/2016 Occupational Ceilings Released

Dion Hawkins

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has released new occupational ceilings for people hoping to relocate to Australia through the general skilled migration program.

Jul 1 2015

How to lose your Australian Citizenship

Dion Hawkins

The Australian Parliament has introduced a bill amending citizenship laws that would result in dual nationals being stripped of their Australian citizenship if they engage in terrorist related activities.

Jun 23 2015

Review of the Student Visa Program

Madalina Philips

A simplified international student visa framework (SSVF) has been announced by the Australian government on 16 June 2015.

Jun 19 2015

Protected Industrial Action by Immigration and Border Protection Staff

Madalina Philips

​A union covering employees of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Customs and Border Protection is planning intermittent work stoppages from 15 to 26 June.


May 28 2015

Significant Investor Visas - Balancing Investments

Dion Hawkins

The Australian Government has changed the rules for foreigners seeking permanent residency in Australia using the Significant Investment Visa (SIV) and Premium Investor Visa (PIV) pathways.

May 28 2015

VAC Increases

Dion Hawkins

From 1 July 2015 Visa Application Charges (VAC) will be increasing. A full list of the new charges can be found here.

May 27 2015

Working Holiday Makers - Tax Free No More

Dion Hawkins

The Australian Government has announced that foreign nationals visiting Australia on a working holiday will no longer receive the income tax free threshold enjoyed by ‘residents for tax purposes’.

Apr 20 2015

New English Language Requirements introduced for 457 Visas

Michael Walker

New legislation has been introduced, regarding qualifying English Language scores and testing regimes required for 457 visas.

Apr 10 2015

Trends in Visa Applications over the past 24 months

Paula Wilkinson

Data from “Subclass 457 quarterly report quarter-ending at 31 December 2014” – Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Mar 18 2015

RSMS skill policy aligns with ANZSCO requirements

Lauren Mennie

The DIBP has recently amended their RSMS visa policy by removing the mandatory two-year work requirement. Qualification is now based on requirements determined by specific ANZSCO categories. The applicant is required to demonstrate that they have the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as being necessary to perform the tasks of the occupation.

Mar 4 2015

Australia listed in top ten countries for attracting talented workers

Lauren Mennie

The pace of change in the knowledge economy is reaching unprecedented speed. Rapid technological change, coupled with a globally mobile workforce is bringing benefits to countries able to harness the energy of the young and ambitious, and raising challenges to those unable to attract and grow this precious resource

Feb 2 2015

TSS Immigration welcomes the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) ongoing review of the Skilled Migration and 400 series visa programme.

Michael Walker

In a global economy and as a member of the OECD, Australia is very much a stakeholder in the global movement of labour. However, the movement of labour between countries, must be undertaken within a robust legislative framework, so as to protect the sovereignty of a nation, while underpinning a healthy domestic labour market and at the same time, optimise the opportunities for industry growth and viable economic performance.

Jan 23 2015

Simplification of the skilled migration and temporary activity visa programmes

Lauren Mennie

A proposal paper on the “simplification of the skilled migration and temporary activity visa programmes - December 2014” was released last month and follows on from a discussion paper published in September. The proposal was formed after receiving comments and suggestions from stakeholders across the industry, and is a further step in the governments initiative to simplify and streamline visa application processes

Jan 16 2015

Immigration Roundup : Economic Migration - The 457 Visa

Lauren Slack

Immigration Roundup : Economic Migration - The 457 Visa

Dec 15 2014

Partner and Prospective Marriage Visa Application Charges to incur significant increases

Lauren Slack

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have announced that for any partner or prospective marriage application lodged on or after the 1st January 2015 there will be a significant fee increase.

Nov 25 2014

New English Requirements - do they apply to me?

Lauren Mennie

There are new English Language tests available to Australian Visa Applicants What tests apply to my visa application. Do the new English tests apply to 457 visa applications

Nov 17 2014

457 Sponsors Training Obligations

Paula Wilkinson

457 sponsors are required to satisfy Immigration that they have met training expenditure requirements at the time of lodging their sponsorship application and throughout the life of their agreement.

Nov 6 2014

Visa Refusals – The role of the Review Tribunals

Michael Walker

Visa Refusals – The role of the Review Tribunals - compelling and compassionate circumstances

Oct 28 2014

Partner Visa Case Study

Michael Walker

Partner Visa application: Case study outlining how Schedule 3 of the Migration Regulations can be addressed through compelling and compassionate circumstances

Oct 28 2014

Remuneration of 457 visa holders

Will Aldous

There are two mechanisms that govern what a visa holder is paid. Both of these mechanisms need to be adhered to, in order to be compliant with Immigration and workplace law.

Oct 7 2014

Family Visas Reinstated

Michael Walker

Parliament has overturned a recent Government decision to remove a range of family visas previously available

Oct 1 2014

What Occupation Do I Nominate for a 457 Visa

Michael Walker

How do you know which occupation to nominate for a 457 visa?

Sep 18 2014

Is the 457 Visa on the Decline?

Michael Walker

The Department of Immigration’s recently released report, indicated a 25% decrease in 457 visa grants in the year 2013.

Sep 17 2014

Temporary and Permanent Resident Employer Sponsored Visas – Associated Entities Provision

Michael Walker

What many Australian Employers may not realise, when considering sponsoring overseas workers on 457 visas, is the effect of the Associated Entities provisions, as contained with the Corporations Law Act of Australia and how those provisions may relate to sponsored work visas.

Sep 15 2014

Robust New Foundations - Independent Review Recommendations of the Subclass 457 Program

Michael Walker

A 4 person review panel has just handed over its report to the Minister for Immigration, the Hon. Scott Morrison. The review of the 457 visa program, was conducted by the panel over a period of 4 months.

Jul 8 2014

More Flexibility on the ‘2 year’ Rule for ENS and RSMS Visas

Will Aldous

Effective from 1 July 2014, the Department of Immigration will relax the requirements for ENS/RSMS applicants, wishing to apply under the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) pathway.

Jul 7 2014

Introduction of Validity Period for Skill Assessments

Will Aldous

On 1 July 2014, the Department of Immigration will introduce a deeming date for skill assessments required for certain visa classes.

Jun 16 2014

Introduction of New English Testing Options

Will Aldous

Minister Michaelia Cash recently announced that visa applicants requiring to evidence their English Language ability, will now have access to a greater range of test options.

Jun 12 2014

Budget – The Affect on Family Migration and Skilled Migration

Will Aldous

Following the handing down of the recent Commonwealth Budget, more detailed figures for the 2014-15 Migration Program have been clarified.

Jun 11 2014

Chefs, tilers and bricklayers will be added the Skilled Occupation List on 1 July 2014

Will Aldous

Minister Michaelia Cash has just announced the addition of 3 new occupations to be included on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), for the purposes of skilled Migration to Australia.

Jun 11 2014

Partner Visas

Will Aldous

On the face of it, information provided by the Department of Immigration website, which presents as a set of guidelines for a successful Partner visa applications, seems rather straightforward.

Jun 10 2014

Possible Increase in 457 Income Threshold for 457 Visa Nominations?

Will Aldous

Approximately 3 times of the year, the Department of Immigration introduces legislative changes affecting many visa classes. These changes generally occur each April, July and November respectively. Often the 457 visa is affected by such changes.

Jun 4 2014

Repeal of certain Family Stream Visa Classes

Will Aldous

The Minister for Immigration has introduced legislation, which was passed through Parliament, that has seen the removal of certain family visa classes, which were previously available for application.

May 20 2014

Transition from the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) Visa to the Sponsored 457 Work Visa

Will Aldous

Many people enter Australia to both tour and work in our country. A number of these people are skilled young professionals, who, having secured short term work with an Australian employer, are often considered by Australian employers to be valuable assets to that employer’s business.

May 17 2014

Senator Cash flags revamp of the Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

Will Aldous

Assistant Minister for Immigration; Senator Michaela Cash has stated that the Department of Immigration would undertake a review of the SIV stream of visas.

May 13 2014

Credit Card payments for Nomination and Visa Applications now incur a surcharge

Will Aldous

From the 19th of April 2014, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have introduced levy a surcharge of 1.08% on all credit card payments for application fees.

Apr 22 2014

What Visa Do I Really Need to do Business or Work in Australia?

Will Aldous

From time to time, Australian Businesses may require people from overseas to come to Australia for certain business activities, attend meetings, seminars, engage in training programs and in many cases work for the Australian business and provide vital skills for a particular position within the Australian Company.

Apr 10 2014

Unlawful Non-Citizen - What Can I Do When My Visa Has Expired

Will Aldous

Not holding an Australian visa can make it very difficult for you to stay in Australia.

Apr 4 2014

Minister announces external review of 457 Visa program

Will Aldous

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, recently announced that an expert panel would be appointed to review the current Australian Employer sponsored 457 visa program.

Feb 14 2014

Changes to Public Interest Criteria 4020

Will Aldous

The Public Interest Criteria 4020 applied to most visa type and failure to meet this criteria

Feb 12 2014

Department of Immigration considers Offshore Resources Industry Visa Pathway.

Will Aldous

The Australia Immigration Department are seeking to introduce a visa

Feb 10 2014

The Changing World of Global Recruitment

Will Aldous

The world of global recruitment change at a rapid pace

Feb 7 2014

Changes to the payment of overseas application charges.

Will Aldous

Overseas application charges have changed

Feb 5 2014

How to support your new international employee

Will Aldous

Some of strategies teach you how to support your new international employee

Dec 10 2013

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Honourable Scott Morrison addresses the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) National Conference

Will Aldous

On Monday, 21 October 2013, the newly sworn in Minister for Immigration attended the MIA National Conference in Canberra, along with his Assistant Minister, Senator the Honourable Michaelia Cash. In his address to the conference

Dec 2 2013

Labour Market Testing - Implementation

Will Aldous

Background and requirements to satisfy the new Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirement when lodging nomination applications under the 457 visa sponsorship program.

Nov 29 2013

Department of Immigration 2012 - 13 annual report highlights

Will Aldous

The former Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2012-13 annual report was tabled this week, detailing a busy year of activity, Department of Immigration and Border Protection secretary Martin Bowles said.

Nov 26 2013

Options for a 457 visa holder following cessation of employment.

Will Aldous

Guidelines for employers and employees in this situation. Contact the Registered Migration Agents at TSS Immigration for advice relating to your circumstances.

Nov 13 2013

New Minister for Immigration

Will Aldous

Following of the election of the Coalition into Government, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Mr. Scott Morrison as the Government’s Minister for Immigration. Previously, Mr Morrison was Shadow Minister for Immigration, while the Coalition was in opposition. Accordingly, Mr Morrison brings a solid background and experience to the portfolio

Nov 6 2013

Employer Sponsorship Obligations

Will Aldous

A reminder to those employers already approved by the Australian Immigration Department as Standard Business Sponsors (SBS) to be mindful of your strict legal obligations.

Oct 29 2013

Corporate Migration Training

Will Aldous

TSS Immigration are currently running training sessions for Human Resources staff and other business stakeholders. These sessions are run by our registered migration agents, and specifically cover the 457 visa program and employer sponsorship in general.

Oct 22 2013

Recruitment Services

Will Aldous

The Recruitment Services team at TSS Immigration can assist you in recruiting suitably skilled and qualified employees from overseas.

Oct 15 2013

Labour Market Testing

Will Aldous

The Department of Immigration has released a Labour Market Testing discussion paper. The testing program will come into effect from November 2013.

Oct 9 2013

Changes to School Fees for children of 457 Visa Holders in Western Australia

Will Aldous

The Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett recently announced a plan to charge 457 visa holders a $4,000 annual fee for each child in public school.

Oct 3 2013

VEVO - an essential tool for business

Will Aldous

Is your business compliant? The introduction of the Employer Sanctions Amendments earlier this year have made it critical for businesses to ensure that they have an internal policy of verifying that all employees hold work rights in Australia