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How to support your new international employee

Written By Will Aldous
Wed, Feb 5, 2014
Will Aldous

You have made an offer to your new international employee and they have accepted the role and are due to land in Australia. They have the appropriate visa (Subclass 457, 186, 187 or 402 visa) and work rights for Australia. What your organization does next is critical in ensuring you get the best from them and will assist them in becoming a fully functional and productive member of your team.

Some of the strategies below may assist in the process:

• Book the initial accommodation for your employee and meet them at the airport.

• Give them a professional mentor / buddy and the option of a social buddy also. You can connect them (email, skype, phone call etc) before they arrive so they have a friendly contact when they arrive in the work place.

• Provide a documented orientation (formal, informal and hands on learning) – around their role, their business unit and the organization as a whole. Make sure it is not just a checklist of onboarding but a talent integration program that shortens the new job learning curve and ensures the employee makes strong relationships, has support and assistance. This will assist in retention and future talent attraction.

• Ask them how they did the same job “back home” to gain valuable insight and the possibility of innovation in your work place.

• Give them time to settle in to their new country and new role – remember they will need to find somewhere to live, a car, phone, navigate transport and a new city, settle their children into school (if applicable).

• Set up regular informal meetings and encourage open dialogue.

• Be tolerant and aware of cultural differences and assist your new employee in understanding our culture also.

• Ask them lots of questions in relation to their role in their home country and encourage them to share their skills.

• Provide training to cover any skill gaps.

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