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Survey Report: Australian Hospitality Skills Shortage

Written By John Unger
Thu, Jun 15, 2017
John Unger

In light of the Government’s recent announcements concerning the replacement of the 457 visa program, it is timely to release the report of a recent survey into the use of sponsored visas in the hospitality industry.  

The survey was conducted on-line with hospitality venue owners and managers nationally. Participating businesses were given an opportunity to respond anonymously.  The results pose questions over the basis for the Government’s proposed new visa policies as they suggest a real and serious skills shortage in the industry, particularly in rural and regional Australia.  They also suggest that the new, restrictive regulations that Government has introduced could potentially make matters worse. 

It is clear to all interested parties that training Australians is essential to addressing our current skills shortages.  In this regard, sponsored visas like the 457 visa may be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  The survey suggests hospitality businesses that have sponsored 457 visa holders were far more likely to have employed apprentices.  The results also suggest that the skills shortage the industry faces is, at least in part, systemic in nature, and that it may not be solved solely through the creation of the Government’s proposed national skills training fund. 

Having worked closely with hospitality venue owners over many years, the experience of TSS Immigration is that businesses will employ Australians by preference and only turn to sponsoring visa holders as a second or third option.  It is also clear that hospitality venues want stability in their kitchens, and in this regard our survey suggests that a high proportion of sponsored visa holders remain loyal to their employers and eventually settle into their local community.  By fostering a better understanding of the commercial realities of running a hospitality venue, we believe the survey supports the view that Government policy in the hospitality section should be fine-tuned. 

TSS Immigration hopes you find our survey report informative, and would welcome your feedback.

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