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Tasmania: A Skilled Migration Alternative Worth Considering

Written By Zara Boarder
Mon, Nov 20, 2017
Zara Boarder

Tasmania offers a number of excellent visa pathways for skilled applicants. In this article, the various pathways will be summarised for you to consider.

Regional Visas

One major advantage that Tasmania has is its classification as ‘regional’. This means that applicants who are willing to live and work in Tasmania are eligible for a number of regional visas.

Two of the most popular of these regional visas are the temporary Subclass 489 visa and the permanent Subclass 187 visa.

The Subclass 187 Visa

The Subclass 187 visa is a permanent employer-sponsored visa.

The 187 has less restrictive eligibility requirements than many other visas because it is designed to fill shortages in regional areas on a long-term basis.

187 visa holders are required to work for their sponsoring employer for two years after the grant of their visa.

The Subclass 489 Visa

The Subclass 489 visa is a temporary State sponsored visa that requires the visa holder to live and work in a regional area.

The 489 is an excellent pathway towards permanent residency for people who cannot immediately apply for a permanent visa.

There are only two eligibility requirements for the 887 visa:

  1. You must have lived and worked in a regional area for at least two years while you held your 489, and
  2. You must have worked full-time hours in at least one out of every two weeks in the two years before you lodge your 887 application.

The 887 application charge is quite low compared to other permanent visa application charges, at $375 for one adult.

If you are willing to live and work in Tasmania for at least two years, the 489 and 887 visas can give you an excellent, cost-effective, pathway to permanent residency.

State Sponsorship for Skilled Visas

State or Territory sponsorship is required for the 489 visa and its permanent counterpart, the Subclass 190 visa.

Tasmania’s State sponsorship guidelines are some of the most generous in Australia.

You may be eligible for Tasmanian sponsorship if:

  1. You are a graduate of the University of Tasmania or TasTAFE;
  2. You are working in Tasmania, even if you are not working in your nominated occupation;
  3. You have family in Tasmania that are citizens or permanent residents; or
  4. You are a small business owner.

Tasmania will also consider sponsoring people located interstate or overseas.

The benefit of State sponsorship is that it gives you access to the 489 or 190 visa.

If you are able to obtain State sponsorship for the 190 visa, this visa is processed relatively quickly and will give you permanent residency without any conditions attached.

If you obtain State sponsorship for the 489 visa, you will receive an excellent pathway to the affordable permanent 887 visa.

If you are interested in pursuing a Tasmanian State sponsored visa or employer-sponsored visa, please contact TSS Immigration for an assessment of your visa eligibility.

TSS Immigration also offer recruitment services for the hospitality industry. If you are struggling to fill a vacancy in your business, please contact us to discuss how we can help you find skilled staff.

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