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The Complex Reality of the New TSS Visa

Written By Lauren Mennie
Mon, Apr 9, 2018
Lauren Mennie

As you may be aware, in April 2017, both the Prime Minister; Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister for the then Department of Immigration; Peter Dutton announced a series of significant proposed changes to the Australian employer sponsored visa program, which were to culminate in the abolition of the 457 visa.

When the abolition of the 457 visa was announced by the Prime Minister last April, the reach of this dramatic change was not fully understood.

Now, almost one year later, The Department of Home Affairs has clarified many details in regards to the future of Australian skilled migration. Including sweeping changes to English language and labour market testing requirements, as well as the introduction of mandatory police clearances and skill level requirements.

These changes have also had far-reaching consequences in terms of the pathways to permanent residency.

In this month's Immigration Newsletter, we're exploring the complex reality of the changes to Australian skilled migration after the introduction of the new Subclass 482 TSS Visa.

Introduction of the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS); subclass 482 visa

On 19 March 2018, the newly named Department of Home Affairs (DHA) introduced into Law a new Legislative Instrument, for the TSS Visa (Subclass 482), replacing the previous 457 visa.  However, 457 visa applications lodged before this date will not be affected and will continue to process under the old 457 legislative framework.

Essentially, the TSS visa is the same as the former 457 visa, other than the duration of the validity period of the visa granted.

What you should know and what should you do

The Employer Sponsored Visa landscape has become more complex than ever. Accordingly, TSS Immigration have developed fact sheets which you may use as reference resources, which cover the key issues  

New Visa Applicant Requirements: English Language Requirements, Skill Level and Police Clearances

Download Applicant Requirements Factsheet

New Labour Market Testing (LMT) Requirements

Download LMT Factsheet

Skilling Australians Fund (SAF)

Download SAF Factsheet

New Visa Application Charges (VACs) for the Subclass 482  - TSS visa

Download VACs Factsheet

Employer Nominated/Sponsored Permanent Residency Visas (and ‘Grandfathering’ provisions).

In cases where a person held or applied for a 457 visa, prior to 18 April 2017, they will still be able to apply under the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT)  stream, for permanent residency, having held the 457 visa for at least 2 years, with the same nominating employer. 

Download PR Factsheet

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