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Checkworkrights is a smartphone and web application that allows employers and visa holders to perform instant VEVO checks, with just a photo of a passport.

Not all Australian visa holders have the legal right to work

In our experience, it is common for businesses to be unaware of their obligation to ensure their staff have the legal right to work. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends checking every employee's work rights every three months using Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO), which can be both inefficient and costly for employers.

Employers can face fines of up to $315,000 per illegal worker for non-compliance, as well as a maximum of 5 years jail time. In the last 3 years alone 1,486 businesses were caught employing illegal workers by The Department in audits.

Checkworkrights minimises the risks of non-compliance by automating a VEVO check for each employee every three months. Employers can easily input details of one or one thousand visa holders simultaneously, instantly confirming both visa status and current work rights before scheduling fully automated ongoing checks.

Timely Alerts
Receive alerts and warnings directly to your email when risks occur.

Only pay for the checks you make
From a single visa holder, through to thousands of visa holders every month. Suits for businesses of all sizes.

Smartphone app, cloud based software, or full integration
Integrate through our API into your existing HRIS or Payroll software

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