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TSS Recruitment specialises in assisting businesses to recruit suitably skilled and qualified hospitality employees from overseas. Our comprehensive recruitment and migration solution manages the process in house from start to finish.

Hospitality Recruitment

​TSS Recruitment specialises in recruiting genuine tradespeople from overseas, for Australian businesses suffering from well-documented skill shortages. We recruit for all areas of the hospitality industry including Chefs, Cooks, Bakers, Pastry Chefs as well as Front of House and management level staff. TSS Recruitment has assisted Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts to recruit suitably skilled and qualified employees for the past decade.   Hospitality professionals are sourced directly from overseas and are seeking long term opportunities to live and work in Australia. Our candidate vetting procedures are both rigorous and extensive, providing the basis for employers to achieve long-term retention of key employees. As recruiters, we are only as good as our last placement. Having extensive vetting procedures ensures that our clients attract the skilled employees required and retain these employees for the long term. This process keeps our Clients coming back to us year after year for further placements.

Skilled Professionals

​We can assist employers who are unable to source the talent required from the local Australia labour market. Using our established overseas networks we source from a global pool of talent. Hiring staff from overseas can be a complicated, costly and disruptive process for a business – TSS Recruitment can streamline this process to make it less costly and more efficient, with exceptional retention rates over time.

Volume Projects

​We can deliver multiple appointments for specific projects or organisations, accessing quality talent in skill shortage areas for those looking outside the Australian labour market. We have sourced large numbers of skilled workers for individual Australian businesses.

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