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Visa Cancellations

If you have received notice that DIBP are considering cancelling your visa, or where your visa has already been cancelled, please contact TSS Immigration today to discuss your particular circumstances in detail.

The Department of Border Protection (DIBP) has provision to cancel visas on a number of grounds, which can include instances where the visa applicant breached visa conditions, provided false or bogus documents, obtained a visa on the basis of a circumstance that no longer exists, character issues and a number of other events.

If you are in Australia and you have been issued a Notice of Intention to Cancel (NOIC) by DIBP there may be options available to you to prevent that cancellation from taking place, but each situation will need to be assessed on its merits.

In the event your visa has already been cancelled you should contact TSS Immigration for an assessment as to the legality of that cancellation and any possible options for a review of this decision.

Common Cancellation Scenarios

The most common scenarios visa-holders face cancellation as a result of include:

  • DIBP determine that a student is a non-genuine student on the basis they failed to attend classes or they have extensive periods of enrolment without completing courses.
  • Holders of a Prospective Marriage or Partner visa who have ended their relationship with their Australian sponsor. There are certain instances where the visa holder will be permitted to remain in Australia despite the breakdown of the relationship if they have been subject to domestic violence or where there is a child of the relationship.
  • A permanent visa holder not entering Australia by a date prescribed by the Minister upon grant of the visa.
  • Providing bogus documents or false and misleading information in an application
  • Ceasing work for a sponsoring employer whilst on a 457 visa and not lodging a new visa application within 90 days.

Registered Migration Agents at TSS Immigration are available to discuss the particular circumstances of the relevant cancellation notice and provide advice on the options available based on the specific situation and DIBP notification letter.

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